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While other solutions can bring you to an impasse when a greater degree of complexity is required, XMPie strides ahead. The product range is complemented by a rich set of API’s that can be leveraged to enable integrations with third party systems.

Cross-Media Communications

XMPie’s personalisation technology incorporating the integration of design, logic and data to serve multiple media channels will allow you to extend your reach far beyond print. The software is engineered to make it easy to integrate each channel into a practical Cross Media customer experience, with no compromise on creativity. The latest Web technologies are supported with Open XM technology so that your digital content can holistically coexist with state-of-the-art variable print designs.

Cross-Media Communications
Variable Data Print (VDP)

Variable Data
Print (VDP)

Boost your documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your audience’s attention. Automate the production of personalised print campaigns that will motivate recipients to respond.

Web to Print

Whether it’s a B2B or a B2C store you want to create, we can assist you put your print business online, extend your market reach, gain new customers, grow your revenue and improve your workflow. Increase your relevance to customers with static, variable print-on-demand and inventory offerings and impress them with a new set of capabilities.

Campaign Management


Manage holistic campaign engagement across all marketing channels. Track results and find out which messages work best with which people, in which context and in which media. Fine-tune your campaigns and maximise your ROI.

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